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Paandam sang Kabataan: Tiktok & Youtube Vlogs for DRRM

Salingsing Youth Organization (SaYO)

Carles, Iloilo


Calagnaan Island is one of the small island communities located in the Municipality of Carles, Province of Iloilo. It is often deprived of access to mainland-based services and information that often leads to an incorrect response of the community on the different climate phenomena and calamities they're facing. The lack of DRR-related information, dissemination mechanism, and limited capacities to address multiple challenges arising in the community increase the risk of different hazards, especially to children and youth who are most at risk and vulnerable to disasters. Last 2019 during the devastation of typhoon Urzula, Calagnaan Island was greatly affected where it brought so many casualties to the lives of the residents, specifically in Brgy. Bito-on where there were reported death and missing fisherman after its devastation. The innovators believe that the inculcation of DRR knowledge and information to the community will enhance the preparedness measure of the community and avoid such casualties in the future.

This youth project initiative, "Paandam Sang Kabataan," intent to sustainably educate and inform the people and the community on different climate and disaster knowledge and response through utilizing the aid of social media and other online platforms to spread timely and relevant information that the people must need to know. The purpose of this innovation is to bridge the gaps in localized information dissemination mechanisms and awareness campaigns by providing access to timely information that would somehow bring knowledge to the residents of the community for them to take the right actions and preventive measures to mitigate the effects of disaster and to ensure their lives safety during disasters.

This innovation will pave the way for building a resilient community with enough knowledge on DRR and CCA, where all community sectors will participate in all the processes involved. This will open the eyes and stimulate the realization of the residents on the importance of Disaster Preparedness for them to appropriately respond during disasters through drama portrayal of the reality of Salingsing Youth Organization and other sectors involved in the innovation. The creation of the social media pages, on the other hand, will serve as a way of informing and connecting with the community when there is an occurring weather and climate disturbances that the community is facing. Hence, providing an avenue for the children and youth of the small island communities to be empowered and contribute to DRR mainstreaming, especially at the grassroots levels is the primary aim of this innovation.

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