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Revolutionizing Accessibility: Las Pinas City Government Delivers A-TrAMS Vehicle Replica from Pinnovation Academy Phase 1 Model

The City Government of Las Pinas, a pioneering local government unit in the Philippines, has embraced the innovative A-Trams solution developed by the Las Pinas Persons with Disability Federation Inc. (LPPWDFI).

On April 15, 2024, a significant milestone was reached as the City Government of Las Pinas facilitated the turnover of the replicated A-TrAMS (Accessible Transport Mobile Service) vehicle, which is based on the model of the phase 1 prototype. This event symbolized a collaborative effort towards enhancing accessibility and inclusivity in public transportation.

The Accessible Transport Mobile Service (A-TrAMS) innovation proposed by LPPWDFI is one of the selected innovations for Pinnovation Academy Phase 1, alongside with the Center for Disaster Preparedness effort in fostering Community-LED Innovation. Throughout the journey, collaboration with stakeholders, including the City Council of Las Pinas, paved the way for the formal integration of Accessible Transport Mobile Service (A-TrAMS) into Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Planning and Budgeting. The City Council's enthusiastic response underscores a monumental achievement in the adoption and incorporation of this transformative solution.

The Las Pinas Person with Disability Federation Inc. (LPPWDFI) organization, dedicated to advocating for accessible and friendly transportation for persons with special needs, envisioned a solution to address the mobility challenges faced by individuals in their community. They recognized that inadequate transportation options not only hindered active participation but also posed significant obstacles, particularly during times of disaster and emergency.

The development of Accessible Transport Mobile Service (A-TrAMS) involved meticulous planning, extensive consultations, and continuous refinements to ensure that it met the diverse needs of the target group. The resulting innovation is not just a mode of transport but a comprehensive solution designed to be accessible, comfortable, and safe.

The unwavering support of the local government of Las Pinas represents a remarkable milestone for the disability community, empowering individuals to become active and effective members of society.


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