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Mobile Community Theatre for Education on DRR and Gender

Sexuality, Pride, Equality, Truth, Respect, Unity, in the Municipality of San Remigio (SPEqTRUMS)

San Remegio, Cebu


The Municipality of San Remigio is prone to typhoons because it is located in the tip part of Northern Cebu Province. According to one of the municipality's citizens interviewed by the Pinnovators from SPEqTRUMS, many residents have not attended Disaster Risk Reduction Management-related seminars and activities. Furthermore, some of the area's vulnerable groups, particularly LGBTQ people, are overlooked during disaster relief and response.

The local LGBT organization in San Remigio, Cebu, will conceive and arrange a mobile community theater to produce a play that targets local disaster risks to address the absence of DRRM education and information distribution. SPEqTRUMS will use this Innovative Idea to demonstrate how LGBTQ persons can function in the community and why they should be included in disaster relief and response.

Interactive Development of Mobile Community Theater for Education on DRR & Gender is an innovative way of educating people of all gender and age most entertainingly. People will remember concepts and terms if it is done in acting and drama or theater presentations.

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